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Women Sanitary Napkin Production Line

Women sanitary napkin production line

Function & Assemble Parts

1. It has got national patent in the year of 2009.
2. The napkin machine adopts double-knives, double-moulds, and double-embossing.
4. The machine can produce two sizes sanitary napkins of regular type, ultra-thin type and quick-easy package type.
5. Pushing the shifting bottom will move the gears and shaft so that the specification can be changed within the shortest time
6.It can adopts PLC controller system. Alarm and urgent stop machine .can be settled according to the customers requirements.
7. The small packing adopts hot-press & thermal-sealing shape cutting to ensure the products are artistic and smooth .
8. Machine frame and faceplate are strong in structure with good anti-seismic and high stability.
9.Crone gears are protected by cast shield box and greased to maintain precision, less noise and long life

Main Technical Parameter
1. May produce cotton core and ultra thin type, and economical sanitary napkin.
2. All relative parts have differential device for phase adjustment during operation.
3. Adopt vacuum absorption to convey material during production.
4. May adjust elastic bands elasticity.
5. Sap powder can be applied at a constant amount. its easy to operate
6. The remain of cotton core can be retrieved. lt is reusable
7 .Small-size package of sanitary napkin: Double wings being stacked together by tape, sanitary napkin is 3-folded horizontally outside. This packing method, is good to increase production speed and simplify operation
8. Bevel gear right-angle boxes and synchronous belts are adopted on relative driving pars to prolong the life time of driving system.


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